• Performance Data
    Micron Rating: 0.00
    Beta Rating N/A
    Collapse Pressure Rating 75 PSID
    Maximum Temperature 250 F
    Direction of Flow
    Recommended Changeout Differential Pressure 25
  • Dimensional Data
    (A) Outer Diameter, Top 0.00 (0mm)
    (B) Outer Diameter, Bottom 0.00 (0mm)
    (C) Inner Diameter 0.00 (0mm)
    (D) Inner Diameter, Bottom 0.00 (0mm)
    (E) Length 0.00 (0mm)
    (F) Thread NONE 
  • Physical Data
    Handle NONE
    Seal Material
    Type of Adhesive EPOXY
    Type of Endcap
    Center Tube
    Type of Media
    Filter Area
    Outer Jacket 0
    Configuration DOUBLE OPEN END
  • Packaging Data
    Number Per Carton 1
    Carton Weight 0.00lb (0 kg)

$  182.14