MFU-60GPH Vacuum Dehydrator

Industries Served

  • Power Generation
    • Electro Hydraulic control systems
    • Turbine lube oil
    • Transformer oil
  • Pulp and Paper
    • Steam turbines
    • Hydraulic systems
    • Lube oil
  • Primary Metals
    • Roll Mill Hydraulics
    • Roll Mill Grinder/Lube systems
  • Fuels and Chemicals
    • Gear boxes
    • Lube Oils / Turbine Oils / Compressor Oils

Benefits of Filtration

  • Extended Fluid Life
    • Less Oil Changes
    • Less Down Time
  • Fluid Disposal Cost Reduced
    • Less fluid changes equal less oil disposals
  • Reduced System Wear
    • Critical Components wear less
    • Less parts needed to be stocked
    • Enhanced performance, operational delays reduced, system reliability improves drastically, system servicing reduced resulting in less down time

Benefits of these units

  • Stainless steel will not be rusted in 2 to 3 years like carbon steel
  • Designed to run 24/7
  • Units will remove water and particulate
  • High quality and availability of service crew
  • Spare parts are available fr quick shipment
  • Simple to use and troubleshoot
  • Easy to adjust vacuum level, oil temperature and flow to optimize hydration
  • Runs with any type of oil from turbine oil to paper machine and gear oil
  • Both the filters and the units are fully customizable to your needs since they are 100% made in USA at our facility
  • Can be moved from building to building and through elevators without affecting its reliability
    Rent to own options are also available

This is a brief list of the types of units we can provide:

  • Oil vacuum dehydrators 1 to 50 GPM with moisture particle counter
  • Oil/water separator coalescer units
  • Particle filtration units up to 300 gpm
  • Custom built units for your needs
  • Portable filter carts
  • Lube storage room setup
  • Custom built oil coolers

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